Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness

Juliene R. Hefter, MSOLQ, CPRP, AFOI – Aquatic Safety Consultant, offers a wide variety of services to help prepare your case for trial. Whether your case involves a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury resulting from a diving accident, or drowning at a pool or beach, let our water safety experts help prepare you for trial.

The following support services are offered:

The most important decision you may make with regard to your case may be whether to bring in an expert witness. With my strong expert testimony and case analysis, you will arm yourself with the tools needed to win a fair settlement or jury verdict.

I will review your discovery materials and offer an analysis of the applicable aquatic standards of care, enabling you to more accurately assess the merits of your case. Allow me to help develop your Interrogatories, Answers to Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, expert affidavits, reports and more!

I will visit the site of the incident and conduct an on-site investigation to more thoroughly understand the unique nature of the specific facility. This on-site investigation and accident reconstruction is essential to building a successful case.

Prepare your case for trial or settlement by understanding the attacks that will be made by the opposing side.

As an expert witness I will provide sworn testimony at both deposition and trial.