Publications & Awards

2017 Swimming Pool Hall of Fame: Paragon Award (presented by Pentair)

Juliene Hefter (USA)
Executive Director/CEO, Association of Aquatic Professionals
2017 Paragon Award / Recreational Swimming

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Juliene Hefter named to Aquatics International Power 2015

Juliene Hefer, owner of Safety First Aquatics, was named to the Aquatics International Power 2015.

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Juliene Hefter named to Aquatic International Power "25" in 2007

“I’m very passionate about the aquatic profession,” she says. “It’s our job as professionals to inform people of safety, risk management, and liability.”

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Hefter Presented the "Distinguished Aquatic Professional Award by NRPA

Juliene Hefter embodies what the NRPA Distinguished Aquatic Service Award was designed to do — recognize significant professional accomplishments on a local, state and national level, as well as recognize outstanding commit- ment to the aquatic industry.

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Hefter Named NRPA R.O.S.E. Award Winner

The NRPA R.O.S.E. Award recognizes individuals who have “gone the extra mile” to advance parks and recreation in their communities.

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Contributor to the New 2012 American Red Cross Lifeguarding Program - Sounding Board Member

Assisted with the Design of the Aquatech Program

AquaTechis designed to prepare you to operate a pool or aquatic facility according to U.S. and international training requirements. Using a combination of online study and on-site competency testing, the AquaTech certification course offers a flexible alternative to classroom-only certification methods with the following benefits:

  • User-friendly, non-intimidating training.AquaTech helps you master the fundamentals of aquatic facility care through clear, simple explanations of the key concepts. Rather than just working through pages of math problems, you’ll learn the hows and whys behind the essential procedures, resulting in a more thorough understanding of the job.
  • Developed by industry leaders.AquaTech was designed with the help of experts who understand the changing needs of today’s aquatic facilities. These people include Robert Burrows, Tom Carrico, Robert Clayton, Juliene Hefter, Mick Nelson, Jill White, and Kent Williams.
  • Meaningful interactive online instruction.The course is more than just book content presented online. It takes students step by step through a typical work day to help them connect important concepts to real-world practice. Participants will work through interactive scenarios based around situations they’re likely to face on the job.
  • Outstanding study and reference materials.The AquaTech text features full-color photographs and reader-friendly elements such as margin notes, best practices tables, and step-by-step instructions for common pool issues. Included with each book is the AquaTech Pool Tool, a handy laminated reference card that features formulas, conversions, charts, and calculation tips. Both resources will be valuable tools even after the course is completed.

The AquaTech online course will teach you how pool systems work and how to maintain them, as well as how to diagnose, prevent, and solve common pool care troubles. You’ll also find information on reducing risk and increasing safety at your facility. After completing the course, you’ll have all the requisite competencies to successfully operate a pool or other aquatic facility.

Following successful completion of the online course, students take part in an instructor-led session. Successful completion of the instructor-led session leads to certification.*

*Certification requirements may vary. Some cities, counties, or states only require the online component for certification. Please consult your local code or contact us for details regarding requirements in your area.

Words of Praise

Becoming AquaTech certified is a great way for any aquatics, park or recreation professional to expand their career horizons. Pool management and operations are an integral part of many positions, and this certification will assist you with obtaining the necessary knowledge to operate a facility efficiently and successfully.

The online course that accompanies AquaTech is truly an interactive experience - it's not just a book and some math problems delivered via the internet. It virtually takes the student through the day to day experiences of a pool operator and the situations that may present themselves.

- Juliene Hefter, Deputy Director, Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association